April 26 — May 26


The hackathon is over. Check out the winners' projects:

[main category]

[special prizes]

Team members:
Congratulations to @monsieurpigeon for winning the Discord champion category! This award goes to the participant who was most helpful to others in our Discord community. Thank you for your valuable contributions and for helping to make our hackathon a success.
Announcement blog post 

Our final EdgeDB Launch Week blog post covers the hackathon announcement as well as the new Vercel/GitHub integration to streamline your development workflow.


Team size

Your team size is up to you, and the prize will be split among all members.

Tech stack

Build your app using EdgeDB. Host it on Vercel and EdgeDB Cloud. The rest of the tech stack is your choice.


You will have four weeks to complete your project and submit:

  • a URL for the code repo,
  • a deployed Vercel app link,
  • a quick demo video,
  • a brief explanation (or a blog post!) of how your project uses EdgeDB.


1st prize


2nd prize


3rd prize


The funniest project

The Meme Team


Most helpful to others

Discord champion



  • Hackathon start
  • Development days
  • Submission deadline
  • Judging period
  • Results announcement
  • Summary event

Why join?

  • Boost your skills: take this chance to learn more about building apps with EdgeDB and advance your coding expertise.
  • Network and collaborate: connect with other coders, share tips, and start something new together.
  • Win cool prizes: challenge yourself for an opportunity to win exciting prizes.

Need help?

If you run into any questions or need a hand with your project, don't worry! Join us on Discord. We have a dedicated #hackathon channel where you can get support, ask questions, and interact with other participants and our team.

Terms and Conditions

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